09 | Traumatic birth, miscarriage, hypo birthing + healing birth.

09 | Traumatic birth, miscarriage, hypo birthing + healing birth.

In today's episode I chat with Jess shares her journey through motherhood including her two births.

 Jess talks us through her first birth which was quite traumatic, with a manual removel of her plancenta.

Jess shares her honest take on becoming a mother and tells the struggles she had forming that early connection with her daughter and also the emotional impact a hard breastfeeding journey had on her.

 Jess also shares with us falling pregnant with her second child, which we very sadly lost and the grief around this time.

Lastly Jess shares with us how she was able to achieve the birth she wanted with her son using hypo birthing methods. 

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Support services; 
If you, or anyone you know may be experiencing some of the feelings discussed in todays show please see your local GP or reach out the the following services. 
Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia ( PANDA)

Centre of Perinatal Excellence 

Beyond Blue