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10 | Holistic education and homeschooling with Whole Beings

A Mothers Narrative Podcast - Holistic Education and Home Schooling

In this episode I talk with the beautiful Eylsia and Nat, who together run the the holistic education resource Whole Beings.

We also explore the meaning of holistic education, the behind the scenes and foundations of Whole Beings, the importance of the first 7 years and we also discuss homeschooling and some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding homeschooling. 

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Podcast Summary 

Whole Beings® was founded on the belief that every child should be taught holistically, seeing sole focus on ‘academic’ intelligence as an outdated way to look at education. Through innovation, strong belief & Divine guidance these women are sharing a message that they wholeheartedly believe has the power to change the way the world thinks of education.

Elysia and Nat share the inspiration behind starting whole beings, both graduated university with a bachelor of education and found once out in the field teaching, that unfortunately the holistic approach that they were taught during their studies of being inclusive of the whole child and nurturing the whole child wasn’t reflected in the current school system.

With this missing gap they dreamt up the idea of a school readiness program to prepare pre-school children for school, in a mindful and holistic way and the business has grown and evolved since and now includes pre-school and home-schooling curriculums.


Whole Beings


Understanding Holistic Education

Holistic education is the all about nurturing the whole child and nurturing them to find their identity and purpose in life, this includes humanitarian values involved and subject lines are blurred and are a whole approach for the child. The focus is on active learning vs passive learning and we go into details in the podcast the difference between the two learning styles and the benefit.


The importance of the first 7 years in learning

In the podcast we also discuss the importance of the first 7 years in a child’s life and the way they ‘download’ each and every experience into their subconscious mind, both positive and negative. Elysia and Nat share how this is a basic for their learning experiences and why having a holistic education option is so vital during those foundational years.



Myths and misconceptions of home schooling

During this podcast episode we talk about home schooling and some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding home schooling. We go into detail about the benefits the child can have by being offered a holistic alternative to general education.

Holistic education resources and links

Whole beings website - https://www.wholebeings.co

Whole beings x the farm grow, feed - https://www.wholebeings.co/the-farm-x-whole-beings


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