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11 | Juggling motherhood with business

A Mothers Narrative Podcast - Juggling motherhood and business with Krystle from Krystle Knight Jewellery. 

In today's podcast episode Krystle from Krystle Knight jewellery shares her journey into motherhood and what this looked like for her while running her own company. 

it's a very honest episode that tells how challenging juggling a business and children can be and both Krystle and Illoura's founder Ashleigh share what they have found works for them to achieve a better balance as they have gone through their journeys and share some tips for other mothers navigating business and motherhood or wishing to start their business journey while having young children. 

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Podcast Summary 

Krystle is a mother of one with another baby on the way, and owns the beautiful  jewellery company Krystle Knight Jewellery.

Falling pregnant with her first son, Ryder a few years into the business Krystle admittedly assumed she would be able to bring baby into the office with her and continue working exactly the same she had prior to having children. 
Just two days after giving birth, Krystle headed back into the office to continue working and soon realised that the juggle of running a business with a baby was difficult and not what she expected. 

Krystle honestly and opening shares what the first year of motherhood looked like for her. Sleep deprived with an unsettled baby and a business to run Krystle began to experience anxiety and in her own words ' was not managing the juggle at all'. 

After a combination of seeking help with a doctor who specialised in postpartum depletion, her husband taking over night feeds and beginning to send her son to care a few days a week Krystle began to adjust to the juggle and learnt to slow down and enjoy the process of motherhood and the balance became much easier. 

Pregnant with her second child, Krystle shares what she has done and is planning to do differently during this pregnancy and postpartum period for a smoother transition and better work life balance. 

A mothers Narrative Podcast

Tips for other mothers juggling business and children. 

Both Krystle and Illoura founder Ashleigh share what they have learnt during their journeys works for them for a better balance and to make the juggle easier and share tips for other mothers in the same situation or wishing to start a business with young children. 

Understanding postnatal depletion

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Support Services 

If you, or anyone you know may be experiencing some of the feelings discussed in todays show please see your local GP or reach out the the following services. 
Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia ( PANDA)

Centre of Perinatal Excellence 

Beyond Blue 


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