Episode 01 | Luka Mccabe - Postpartum depletion and living abroad + travelling Australia with young children.

A Mothers Narrative Podcast - Postpartum depletion, living abroad and travelling with Children

In this episode Luka Mccabe, owner of business boob to Food tells her experience with postpartum depletion and ways to overcome this if it is something your experiencing, as well as telling her story of living overseas in Bali and travelling Australia with young children. 

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Podcast Summary 

Luka shares her experience with Postpartum depletion after her daughter Florence was born. 



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Items mentioned in this episode: 

The Postnatal Depletion Cure by DR. Oscar Serrallach. Find it here.
Boob to food - Postpartum Wellness Guide. Find it here.
Boob to Food website- Here.