Children's Ground & Creating Change in Australia's Aboriginal Communities

Children's Ground & Creating Change in Australia's Aboriginal Communities

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, culture and community. We pay our respects to Boonwurrung country, the land we feel so lucky to live and work on.

In the lead up to reconciliation week this year, we sat down with Chloe Abbott from Children's Ground to discuss what we can do to help create change in Australia's Aboriginal Communities.

During reconciliation week from 27th May - 3rd June, we will be donating 10% of all online sales to Children's ground directly. 

What is Children’s ground and where did it begin?  

Children's Ground is an organisation that creates change within Australian Aboriginal communities who have great strengths yet face disadvantage.  Designed with Aboriginal people, Children's Ground builds on the ability of people to create opportunity. 


Children’s Ground works across five intersecting platforms that are fundamental to life-long wellbeing for every child; Education, health and wellbeing, community development, cultural strengthening, and employment.  


Can you give us an example of how you work with First Nations children?  

The Children’s Ground approach seeks to change the future for the next generation of First Nations children, by walking alongside every child, in every family in a community for a 25 year period. The place-based approach removes barriers associated with accessing quality services by providing culturally appropriate solutions where people live.
The Children’s Ground Learning & Wellbeing platform privileges a child’s First Language and culture as the foundation of learning. From this we build a learning experience that embraces identity, knowledge, emotional literacy, creative thinking and physical, social and cultural wellbeing. Children develop the skills and knowledge that allow them their identity as Aboriginal children in a global world.

 Children's ground

Is Children’s ground nationwide? 

Children’s Ground currently works in two major regions in the Northern Territory and one remote community in North East Arnhem land. Their work spans 8 communities and is continually expanding.  

What is the best way we can help?  

Supporting Children’s Ground through recurring donations and advocacy is fundamental to their success.  
Setting up a weekly or monthly donation is easy and can be done here. A $20 donation can contribute to fuel costs to ensure children can access learning that celebrates their identity.    

Children's ground

Facts and figures that most Australians wouldn’t know… 


  • First Nations children are being put into care at 11 times the rate of non-First Nations children.  
  • The suicide rate for First Nations people has increased by 43% between 2008 and 2017  
  • First Nations people are the most incarcerated people on the planet  
  • First Nations people are still fighting for their rights to live on their own lands and educate their children their own language  
  • First Nations children are far more likely to die at birth, to live with a disability and ill-health, to be incarcerated as they grow older, to be unemployed, homeless, live in poverty and will die younger than any other Australians.   


    Can you recommended resources for people who wish to know more about Aboriginal history and culture  

    Children’s Ground have great resource lists available here: 

    With reconciliation week coming up at the end of the month. What can you tell us in the spirit of this, how important is this time each year to first nations people?  

    Reconciliation Australia’s theme for 2021 is ‘More than a word. Reconciliation takes action’. This theme urges people to focus on what action is required on the journey to achieving equality between First Nations and non-First Nations people. Reconciliation is just another word, unless all Australians take practical steps to put it into action.
    We thank Chloe and the Children's ground foundation for allowing us to partner with them to raise awareness and inspire action during reconciliation week 2021. 

    We urge everyone to play their part in taking action & working towards a better future for First Nations people.

    Whether that be by donating, education or even just a conversation. Every step forward is just that.