January Capsule

January Capsule

- Step into the magic of our new release, where cherished keepsakes meet elevated
wardrobe staples and childhood memories are woven into each seam.


I am thrilled to introduce to you our newest Illoura release, the beloved January Capsule. A collection imbued with love, human connection, and cherished memories. Amidst the chaos of raising three babies, I felt compelled to reconnect with Illoura's original essence and bring to life a limited collection filled with love and purpose. Each piece tells the tale of the skilled women behind the garments, who delicately handcraft every detail. In homage to this, I prioritised design elements such as hand embroidery and beautiful shirred finishes. Paired with our timeless red gingham print and elegant neutrals, it's the perfect blend of affection and allure destined to withstand the test of time.

Myla wears: Shirred Crop - White, Posie Skirt - Natural

As a mother myself, it's imperative to me that every Illoura piece not only exudes beauty and intention but also offers effortless wear-ability and functionality for your little one to play and roam freely in. Our Koa Dress, one of my earliest designs, re-imagined in our January Capsule. Serves as a testament to creating timeless pieces; you continue to cherish it as much now, six years on, as you did when we first released it.

Bambi wears: Shirred Crop - Red Gingham, Posie Skirt - Natural
Myla wears: Koa Dress - Red Gingham

Motherhood and my children serve as the constant driving force behind Illoura, with every piece brought to life alongside my kids. Each dress, romper, shirt, and pair of pants is dreamt up for and worn by them. It was particularly meaningful to personally photograph the collection featuring my two daughters and one of my dearest friends, Lauren, and her daughter. An afternoon spent together in the garden, foraging, baking, and playing, brought to life the very essence of the collection — pieces crafted for heartwarming moments shared with loved ones. A dedication to infusing every detail with love to evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy.

Lauren wears: Illoura women's - coming soon
Bambi wears: Shirred Crop - Red Gingham
Juni wears: Blossom Romper
- Natural
Myla wears: Koa Dress - Red Gingham

Juni wears: Lottie Romper - Red Gingham

Photographed by: @ashleigh_kilgour