Hannah Beaden

Hannah Beaden

Hello, my name is Hannah Beaden. I was born and raised near the ocean in America but have lived here on the Sunny Coast of Australia for the past 7 years! I met my husband Sam here, got married in 2018 and we now have two sons (ages 4 and nearly 2) and our newest addition Juniper was added to our family one month ago. 

We spend most of our time as a family outdoors; the beach is our happy place. 

We are always up for a social with our our friends while watching all our littles run around play. As for work, I have the privilege of working from home as a co-founder of a social media management Co. (“Slowed”) as well as, content creation work on the side. 

You recently welcomed your third child in the world, beautiful little Juni Blue. How has the experience of welcoming a third into your family been for you?

Overall it’s been a surprisingly good and somewhat smooth transition from two children to three. However, my husband had to return to work after our first week all being together and the first few days were nothing short of chaotic with me feeling truly overwhelmed. Four weeks in and I have found our rhythm yet there are certainly weekdays I find myself ready for the weekend! 

Being a mother is..
A never dull moment, rewarding, beautiful, messy, tiring and most incredible gift a woman can experience. 


I feel inspired…
By my own mom and other older, experienced moms that have been in my life since my youth. The way they lived, loved, gave in their mothering have continued to be used to encourage me in my own parenting on the daily. 

My ideal day looks like…
My ideal day with the kids would be, 
Having a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning, perfect beach weather to spend our morning in the sun, then home for naps and work then spending the afternoon on our farm having a drink with my husband while the kids play then ending the day with early bedtimes and a clean house (now this is ideal and 99% of the time is not reality haha)

Something I hope to teach my children…
I can only hope to teach and in-still character qualities that I personally value such as kindness, good communication, honesty, being people of integrity and having a good work ethic to name a few. 


What my children have taught me…
Oh boy…mostly to go with the flow, to slow down my pace, the importance of getting on their level and learn how to play which doesn’t come naturally for me. 

And certainly, patience to which I will be a life long learner and will need extra grace and most likely lots of forgiveness from them for my lack of it. 


Self care during the fourth trimester for me looks like…
Everyday looks a little different! But I always make time to start my days sitting with an unhurried first cup of coffee. While my boys are on a walk each morning with their Nan I make the most of time alone by getting ready for the day which means a shower, fresh clothing and make up which always makes me feel more with it and alive. 

My plan is to begin taking Pilates by next month to help give me some time to care for my overall well being. 


Juni wears ;
Poet Jumper | Pink stripe 
Dusky Bloomer | Pink 
Tallow Romper | Sand
Alba Beanie | Sand 
Alba Booties | Sand 
Baby Blanket | Vanilla