Ethics and sustainability

Our Mission

Driven by a love for Mother Earth, we consciously create concise and considered collections. Guided by intention, we seek to design timeless baby, children's and womenswear that will be cherished for years to come. We understand that sustainability is a journey and are committed to continuously reviewing and improving our processes to ensure that we, as a brand, operate in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible. 


Our Artisans

Illoura The Label celebrates the beautiful hands behind our brand, each belonging to a kind-hearted and skilled artisan. We have intentionally partnered with small, family-owned manufacturers who we could work closely with to ensure not only the quality of our products but also transparency and trust that our values are aligned and upheld. We are so grateful for our incredible team, they truly are the soul behind our business.

Transparency and awareness are an integral part of creating a sustainable future.We have developed close relationships with our artisans in Indonesia, China and India to ensure our workers are valued, provided safe working conditions and paid fairly, including overtime and holiday pay. Illoura The Label aims to empower our team to cherish themselves and our planet.  

Our incredible team in India are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard defines worldwide recognised requirements for organic textiles. From Field to Fashion: The GOTS quality assurance system is based on on-site inspection and certification of the entire textile supply chain (processing and trade). The GOTS logo on any product provides credible assurance of organic origin, as well as environmentally and socially responsible processing. Not only does this certification allow us to ensure our garments were created at the highest level of sustainability, but it also guarantees the protection of the health, safety and rights of the employees. This allows us to ensure that we are working to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical practices. 

We believe it is so important to highlight our teams who worked so hard to meet the criteria necessary for certification. It is also a very costly process. Since we began working with our team in India, they have been GOTS certified and continued to excel as leaders in sustainable practice and we couldn’t be more proud of their efforts. 


Our Promise

Our ethics and sustainability practices are not only entrenched in the foundations of the business and supply chain, we believe that every day we must choose to operate with the future of our planet and people in mind. We are continuously evaluating our daily practices as a business so that our brand may cultivate positive change. 


Illoura The Label is committed to becoming a zero-waste operation - from our shipping methods and storage, down to our postage and packaging. Every element of our packaging is biodegradable and can be composted at home. 

For Women, By Women

As a female-led business, Illoura The Label is passionately working to empower our staff, suppliers and beautiful wearers - with a particular emphasis placed on those in need. Our podcast, A Mothers Narrative is just one of the ways in which Illoura The Label provides information and support to other mothers, sharing stories and helpful resources. 


Through our partnership with i=Change, we contribute a portion of every sale to a community initiative providing support to vulnerable women and children. With every purchase, our customer is offered the option to select one of three organisations to make a direct donation to: the literacy program for children in remote areas of Australia, children escaping domestic violence and improving childbirth outcomes in Papua New Guinea. This not only allows us to provide philanthropic support to those in need but to also raise awareness. 

Learn more about i=change