Botanical dye process

Botanical dye process

Botanical Dye Process 

A slow and gentle technique that rescues and reuses plants, leaves and herbs to create dreamy earth coloured tones. The process is sustainable and uses no harsh chemicals, to ensure the pieces are pure and as gentle on our precious earth as they are on your little one’s skin. 
Botanical dye

 At Illoura, we love the use of plant dyes in our ranges not only for the low environmental impact and toxic free process, but also for the unique one-off pieces created. 

Each piece that is plant dyed may differ slightly in shade, which is all dependant on a number of things such as the age of the leaf, the weather on the day of dyeing and the individual creating the mix.
We believe this is a true testament to the natural process and adore that each of our pieces are truly unique and become more loved as they age and slowly fade into our most loved tones.

During our last visit to Indonesia, we were fortunate enough to visit our botanical dye house and see first-hand the beautifully unique process and how talented our artisans are at what they do.

 The process 

  • The first step in the process involves the team rescuing discarded plants that have already been cut down or removed from around the island of Bali, which would otherwise go to waste. Specific leaves for each colour are removed and taken to the botanical dye house.
  • The leaves are then shredded and dried either through the use of a machine or naturally in the sun.
  • Once the leaves are dry, water is added to the leaves and boiled for 4 hours. Once done, the natural extract is ready to be used.
  • Material is then added to the dye extract and left for a period of time depending on the depth of the tone.
  • The material is then rinsed in water and hung to dry. 

The entire process is done without the use of harsh chemicals. This means a low environmental impact and a safe working environment for our wonderful artisans.

The dye house believes strongly on zero waste and aim to reuse as much as they can. Because of this they have created their own natural filtration system through the use of plants. The plants absorb the excess natural dye, the water then comes out clear and ready to be used again.
We are extremely proud to support the small family run business in a slow and sustainable dye method.

With love, 
Illoura xx